We supply pigments & pigment preparations, dyes, metallic pigments, aluminium past, emulsions, biocides, titanium dioxide, surfactants, dispersing agent, wetting agent, emulsifier, rheology modifier, defoamer, wax, additives, flame retardant, UV stabilizer etc.

We supply pigments & pigment preparations, metallic pigments, titanium dioxide, optical brieghtening agent (OBA), wax, additives, antioxidants, light stabilizers, antistatic agents etc.

We supply pigments & pigment preparations, dyes, metallic pigments, titanium dioxide, wax, flame retardant, antistatic agent, antioxidants, additives etc.

We supply surfactants, rheology modifier, emulsifier, actives, preservatives, antioxidants, colors, PEG and many other care products.

We supply PVC Film, PVDC Film, PVC/PE/PVDC Film, COC, Aclar and other barrier film, various grades of PEG, Preservatives, titanium dioxide, functional packaging for healthcare like tubes, desiccant stoppers, canisters & bags etc.

We supply PVC & PET shrink film, water based adhesives etc.

We supply, OBA, colors, sticky control chemicals, surface sizing chemicals, size press & coating chemicals, defoamer, anti-slime etc.

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